We pride ourselves on our quality work. We are solution focused and recognize that no two stakeholders or problems are the same. We partner with clients and/or end users to ensure a tailored approach that is flexible and delivers outcomes of the highest accuracy.

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Founded in 2014. The systems, along with the demonstrated experience of our team, have enabled Kandy Enigmas to attain National Prequalification and maintain this prequalification for tendering nationally. We shall maintain strong growth and continue to provide leading quality services.

In case of worker shortage requirements in garment industries, We provide fast, friendly, and flexible services as a third-party group to actively run the garment industry by supplying workers with the manpower shortage requirements of the garment industry.

We have been working with many leading companies in many industries across Sri Lanka for emergency services, such as emergency condition inspections, packaging, fabric sample processing, etc., which were a deficiency in the garment industry.


What We Do ?

Kandy enigmas offer professional sub-contracting services to the full ambit of the garment industry, our main target is to help our clients with the service problems of the manufacturers and support them to overcome their goals with friendly, fastest, and best quality. here are some of our services

  • We help to Avoid repeated product quality inspection issues.
  • We help to Identify production issues on time before it’s too late.
  • We help to have better quality control service for your products.
  • We have a fast and effective team working for you.
  • We help to make it easier to work with new stakeholders


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Kandy Enigmas is a professional team with an innovative approach as best demonstrated by the successful completion of all projects.

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